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The Paths Crossed series is creative nonfiction about everyday heroes and crime drama. It chronicles the author's diverse experiences as a trooper, detective, ranger, and author. In Edwards' style, each chapter is titled with one word which represents an intriguing stand-alone episode (except for Heart Shots). Embedded in these vignettes are timeless lessons learned. The author's knack at putting the reader at the scene allows readers to virtually experience the character's conflict, defeat, and triumph. The Paths Crossed series is engrossing and enlightening to all served by law enforcement. 


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Paths Crossed: Heart Shots | Second Edition

ISBN 979-8396476608

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Heart Shots – The Shocking True Story of a Dark Day in the Michigan and Indiana State Police is an action-packed true crime thriller. Five police shoot-outs, each more bizarre than the previous, sprinkled with suspenseful interludes, make for a compelling book. Following the release of the original Heart Shots, new information was unearthed that would mandate a  Second Edition. Two more years in the making, the second edition is bigger, better, in large print for ease of reading, and draws an intriguing parallel to a pair of notorious criminals that terrorized a generation earlier. 


The story unfolds in 1957 when a WWII veteran, convicted sexual predator and parole absconder, picks up a hitchhiker in Maine, who is a drifter with no criminal record. Matched, they embark on an undetected nationwide crime spree; that is until an intuitive Michigan trooper begins to unmask their criminality. Shot three times and left for dead, this trooper is the first of nine heroes to emerge in the following ten hours.  


Blending investigative and narrative acumen in writing creative nonfiction, Heart Shots is much more than its headline, “Ten hours, nine heroes, five heart shots, three abductions, two widows, and one fatherless son.” As one reviewer wrote, "...You can't make this up. Put your hat and coat on, you're going on a ride." 

Paths Crossed: Villains Victims Victors

ISBN 978-1481152419

Ride along with Edwards as he is called to a career with the Michigan State Police.  From writing tickets to arresting murderers, from high speed chases to tracking criminals with his police dog, from saving lives to taking lives, from blunders to brilliance, observe Edwards evolve from rookie to veteran. As you witness villains, victims, and victors collide, you too will know the thrill and stress of law enforcement.

Paperback: $18.99 Kindle: $8.99 

Paths Crossed: A Closer Look 

ISBN 978-1548186135

Shadow Edwards as he sheds his trooper uniform for the plainclothes of a detective. Accompany him as he collaborates with colleagues to take a closer look at major crimes that remain unsolved. As you become involved, you will meet the obsession that clouds a detective's life as they search for evidence of the truth. These true cases overflow with suspense, each leading to its own stark reality.

Paperback: $18.99 Kindle: $8.99

Paths Crossed: Battling Drug Dealers

ISBN 978-1697201000

Follow Edwards' team as they enter the haze battling drug dealers, a place where things are often found distorted. Here, detectives work in the gray, sometimes assuming undercover roles, as they walk a legal tightrope through the devil's playground. As you live these true stories of police infiltrating the illicit drug trade, you too will feel the "rush" of covert investigations. It's a world where fight, flight, or freeze often seems the only way out.

Paperback: $18.99 Kindle: $8.99

Paths Crossed: Protecting National Parks

ISBN 978-1507680414

Observe Edwards as he transitions to wilderness law enforcement. Go with him to where the boot scuffs the trail, the keel slices the water, and the paddle dips the lake - Isle Royale, Everglades, and Pictured Rocks. From watery northern and southern borders, the reader virtually tags along on missions involving search and rescue, wilderness medicine, wildland fire- fighting, and law enforcement. If you have ever wondered what a protection ranger in the National Park Service really does, or thought you might want to be one, this book is for you.

Paperback: $18.99 Kindle: $8.99

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