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Heart Shots 

Ten hours, nine heroes, five heart shots, three abductions, two widows, and one fatherless son fill this prequel to the Paths Crossed series. The prequel is unknowingly conceived when a door prize, the first book in this series, is won by the widow of fallen Michigan Trooper Dugald Pellot. This chance drawing would lead the widow to the book's author. Over coffee, she would  share with Edwards a scrapbook she had created about the murder of her husband. A scrapbook intended to some day help explain to their then infant son why his dad was dead.   

This paths crossed would spark long-retired Michigan State Police Detective Lieutenant Clif Edwards, author of the Paths Crossed series, to research his coldest case ever; the terror of September 30, 1957. During his reconstruction of those ten horrific hours, he uncovers fascinating information leading to and following that fateful day. 

Blending investigative and narrative acumen, Edwards vividly reveals the nation-wide crime wave exposed by a traffic stop for a minor violation, the courage of eight officers while standing in harm's way, and the justice that followed. 

​Paths Crossed vividly illustrates the stark realities and personal sacrifices that police officers carry out on a daily basis. The author's passion and determination to see good prevail over evil is evident throughout the narration of his harrowing and bold experiences.

Craig Medon


A page-turner and a true story with no fluff. 

G.M. Owens

Like the other non-fiction law enforcement books in this series, this edition is well written and fast moving stories that hold your attention.

Jim Anderson


 As the reader I felt like I was along for the ride as each case developed. 

John Korzek